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Your Natal Chart is Your Medicine

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

In Chinese Metaphysics, every organ represents an emotion and an element. When we get sick, it is often because our body is out of balance. Balance is about maintaining optimum health. It is a process.

The 5 elements in the Chinese Metaphysical system, is the foundation that helps us make better choices for our health. They are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water.

The element in your chart determines your emotional health
Your Natal Chart is Your Medicine


Ingesting too many toxins can damage the liver. Toxins in beverages, alcohol and over processed foods over time can change the quality of your health. Those with very little wood element in the natal chart can be more susceptible to liver damage.

Tip: Add fresh local or organic vegetables to your diet.


Heart and brain issues are the disease of modern lifestyle. Problems can be improved by making healthy lifestyle choices. Heart attack and stroke use to be common for 60 year olds. Now people in their 20’s are having heart problems. When there is conflict and a feeling of being overpowered, the heart can fail. Too much fire in a natal chart can result in a heart attack. This can be triggered by an event or environmental conditions.

Tip: Seek exercise, meditative practice such as Yoga & Qi Gong

or an activity that can bring you happiness.


Stomach issues are aggravated by too much sugar, dairy, coffee… These substances add too much acid in the intestines causing inflammation. I gave up coffee a few years ago. Even though I enjoyed drinking it, it irritated my digestive system. Those with too much earth in their natal chart have a tendency to bottle everything and can also suffer from Cancer. Steve Jobs is an example of having too much earth element in his natal chart.

Tip: Using the elements we can control or weaken another element. In this case, following a diet rich in vegetables, organic greens and good hydration can help minimize the risks


Lung issues are not easy to cure. Cough, pneumonia, bronchitis, COPD are lung related issues that are associated with grief and suppressed emotions. The lung is also related to the big intestine. This is why what we eat affects the health of our lungs. Undetected food allergy issues can result in cough or flu like symptoms.

People that have metal in their chart can have a strong immune system. Avoid excessive spicy foods, they will weaken your system over time.

Tip: Being flexible and balanced with your choices can keep risks at bay in the long run.


Kidneys are our energy reserve. When the kidneys don’t function well it affects the entire body. Often, it goes undetected and when we find out the damage can be irreversible.

The ear and hearing issues can give us a clue as they are related to the kidneys. Ingesting too many over the counter drugs can aggravate the kidneys. I heard of a teen in the community that took too many painkillers and needed a transplant while in high school. When the water element is weakened by earth, the kidneys are affected.

Tip: Rest and increase downtime activities that will build your immune system. Choose your lifestyle, don’t burn the candle at both ends.

Life is about knowing who we are and learning how to manage our emotions.

Otherwise unresolved issues can settle in our organs and result in disease.

If we can strive to be in a state of balance, everything else can be easier to manage.

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