Letters from clients who wish to share their experience with Life's Simple Pleasures. 

Business Sales

An Increase in Real Estate

I am not a layman in matters of energy work or other holistic practices, but I highly recommend Veronica for Feng Shui for your home or business.



I am a real estate agent and once I rearranged my office to Veronica’s specifications I saw a 15% increase in my home sales in 2014, which was 6% higher than the increase in home sales nationwide. That is enough for me to feel this is a valuable service.



I recommend Veronica for all your Feng Shui needs.




Dan R.

The Perfect Consultant

Application of a dream

Yearly Review

Dedication to Home Health

As a sensitive energy healer I am aware of subtle shifts in energy as time goes by. Every January I call Veronica to come and help me to make the yearly changes I need in my home in order to serve myself, my family, and my business as best I can.


Most often we begin to feel the benefits right away. She’s not only affordable, but also many of her suggestions for rearranging a home works with the materials you already possess.


As a crystal lover and retailer I appreciate how she is also able to incorporate her crystal knowledge into her work. I plan to continue to use Veronica for many years to come. I highly recommend her Feng Shui skills for any home or office.


Carol R.


Help During A Trying Time

Feng Shui brought positivity to my life.

My Feng Shui consultation with Veronica was amazing, she is truly gifted! I have been wanting to apply Feng Shui principles to our home for many years, but became overwhelmed in trying to do it on my own, as well as not finding a consultant that was a match for our family. 


I am truly thankful to a dear friend of mine for referring me to Veronica, and feel blessed to have found her. She supplied us with insightful information pertaining to our family and home that was easily comprehended, as well as a snap to implement. 


I had a few specific concerns within our home that Veronica was able to shed some light on and make recommendations that have made a huge difference in the overall energy of our space and for our family.


She is extremely thorough and takes her time, which I appreciate as well. I am so pleased with the entire experience and will have Veronica back once a year to assess the energy of our home!



Home Energy 

Good Energy Flow

I love my home, and am surrounded by the things I like,

but there were some areas of my home that felt "off" to me.

I knew that the energy was not flowing properly.


I called Veronica for a consultation and she helped me get my home in Feng Shui order.


I implemented the decorating tips that would create that harmonious flow right away, and now I am enjoying the positive results in all areas of my life.


Thank you, Veronica. You are the best at what you do!



Connie-Oswego, IL


I was so happy when Veronica came to my home in Aurora, Illinois! I was running my day care business, working a second job, and trying to soul search for my own needs and desires - a very difficult time. After Veronica did the house blessing and presented me with changes that I needed to do, I got busy.


Our master bedroom was the first change I made. Removing the mirror over our bed, then painting before ordering a new bedspread and drapes. I kept it simple, but elegant. The room felt great, so I continued going room to room and moving my stuff around. I didn't spend a lot of money, just concentrated where things needed to go. 


About eight months later things had been happening slowly, but gracefully. My husband received all of his disability money, and we chose to put the house up for sale. The first day the house was on the market we had three solid offeres, full asking price. Within three months we had moved to Alberquerque, New Mexico. 


Veronica taught me a lot! We Feng Shui the new house right from the beginning. Nothing got hung up and placed until I checked the charts. Our new home is wonderful and life has been good. Thank you, Veronica, for helping me when I was at a low time in my life. 


Peace & blessings to you.



Dreams Come True

Moving from an apartment to a home.



I am convinced that Veronica helped me get the lovely house in which I now live with her suggestion to "build up the Helpful People corner" in my old apartment. And then she tailored my energies with that of the house and my surroundings when I moved into my new home.


For anyone who wishes to not only align, but also enhance the energies of their home with that of their lives - relationships, health, career, neighbors, and so on - I highly recommend Veronica's services."




Good Night Sleep

Health Improvements after moving beds



Clearing for the home

A blessing in disguise

I first met Veronica in September 2013. I had previously had a Feng Shui expert assess my home in 2009.  I thought it was time to have someone take a fresh look especially as my two boys, ages 12 and 9, were coming onto my bed nightly.  My eldest son had also had a serious depression from which he was recovering.


At the time of the initial Feng Shui assessment, both boys beds were placed perpendicualer to the wall. From Veronica's assessment, this was not the most beneficial direction for them.  After our Feng Shui session, I moved both the boy's bed so that they were along the wall. For my youngest, this put his head on the NE direction wich is supposedly the best direction for him.  He immediately loved the change. He would sit in bed and go on and on about how great it felt to have a wall along his bed. He started staying in his bed at night or would quickly return upon awakening.  It is now 1 1/2 years later and he still rarely gets in my bed.


Moving the beds made the rooms much more spacious. Both rooms now have open space in the center and the door can be visualized from both the bed and the desk. My older son went on to have an improvement in his depression and had his best year.


I was unable to get a full night's sleep before. It is now a rare ocassion that my older one comes into my bedroom after a bad dream.



Following a Feng Shui assessment with Veronica, she returned to do a clearing and blessing on the house.  One of the Feng Shui enhancements was to put a disk on the water heater to decrease any unhealthy emissions.  When I went to put the disc on the water heater, I found an undetected leak.  I ended up getting a new water heater as there had been a leak from a pipe because of poor installation.  The entire water heater was rusted on the inside.  I also had them check the furnace and there was a faulty gas pipe as well.  Everything was fixed and is now in working order.  If not for putting on the disc, I would not have looked at the top of the water heater.  I caught it before any real damage was done to the house.  I also enhanced the prosperity area of the house including a water fountain.  Out of the blue, I received a call about an insurance policy on my late husband of which I was unaware.  The company was doing an internal audit and found the outstanding policy.  I ended up getting an unexpected windfall within a month of having the house blessed.




If you don't change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

                                                                                                                                                   ~  Gautama Buddha