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The Basics of Bed Placement - Part 1

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

In Feng Shui, the bedroom is one of the top three areas of importance. The other two are the entrance of your home and the kitchen. Sleeping is rest for your physical body, as well as rejuvenation for your soul. When the body sleeps, so does the ego. If your body is not in proper alignment with the energy available to us, we will not feel rested. Sleeping restfully is as important as eating well and breathing.

To me, the cool months mean sleeping, and sleeping = healing! Here are some of the key considerations for the basics of good rest through bed placement.

Bed Location:- It should not be placed on a common wall with the bathroom toilet or stairway, it will slowly drain your energy.

-Do not have a mirror on a wall or the furniture that reflects your bed, a major no-no in Feng Shui, it makes the energy Yang instead of the Yin that is needed for rest and rejuvenation.

-Do not sleep under a beam, it has a tendency to cut your energy. In couples, I have seen it leading to separation and divorce.

-Do not sleep under a sloped ceiling and have space on each side of the bed.

-Do not sleep with your head pointing towards the window, especially if you have an open end or no headboard. Without protection of a solid wall, your body will weaken over time. I have seen it causing serious health and relationship issues.

-The bed should be placed diagonally across the door. Your feet should never be inline with the doorway that leads to hallways or stairways as this can cause accidents. I found this out early in my kids life, as they had a tendency to have accidents and break their bones.

-As you are sleeping, it is best to see the door.


-Represents the protection of the mountain behind you, a basic Feng Shui principle.

An upholstered headboard or a solid wood one is an excellent choice, if not, set your mattress against the wall and use pillows for extra support. A metal headboard is not recommended, as it is not conducive to rest. Metal is a communicating element.


-Have your mattress on an open frame. Our air is made out of not only oxygen but of Lin particles.

Lin particles are spiritual energies that go from the earth to the heavens, do not block their flow, allow them to circulate. Yes, that means no under-the-bed storage!

I will share one of my favorite tips from Master Lam Kam Chuen, it involves having a mirror under your bed facing up. A medium size mirror can be found at any hardware or craft store. Place stones or crystals on it; 1, 3, 6, or 8 pieces. The idea is to double and deflect the life-energy of the stones up to our bodies, their beneficial energies are at work while you rest, heal and rejuvenate. I used river stones at first and then moved into quartz rock clusters from Arkansas. If they work so well with plants, I knew they could work well with our bodies. The result for me was a teen that became grounded and is blossoming into a beautiful young adult.

Start practicing with any of these suggestions as small steps lead to big improvements.

In Part 2 of "The Basics of Bed Placement", I will discuss why the direction of the bed is important for having a good night sleep.

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