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The Secret Ingredient to Living a Balanced Life

We live in a society that has forgotten to be creative. Instead of relying and cultivating our creative responsibilities, we react to circumstances.

Reacting to situations has become an unconscious habit for most of us. We become reactive to the daily news, traffic and people. We spend time and resources on activities that do not serve our higher purpose.

When we react ...... We do not own our destiny

When we react ...... We put our life to whatever happens

When we react ...... We put our life in the hands of fate

Looking back do you see that you could have handle a situation, relationship or opportunity better?

Would your life be different as a result?

When we react we loose the ability to be creative, and a natural part of us is lost.

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby .........

something new and somehow valuable is formed.

Creativity can help us generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities. These ideas may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others and entertaining .

By using our Creativity we are able to perceive the world in new ways. We can find hidden patterns and make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena. This will help us generate solutions.

Being Creative is an attitude ..... an inner approach

In energy circles sometimes it is called “being the observer”. This means removing oneself from the situation and looking at it from a different angle and point of view.

The Shamans call this being able to “see” things from the the perspective of the Eagle. Eagle energy can help us see the big picture with clarity and foresight without getting bogged down with our day to day struggles.

It is important to be able to observe our reactions and become aware of how we are responding. This is not an easy thing to do. Daily stress, chaos and crisis can pull us into a reactive mode.

Being aware of and recognizing the chaos is a big step into getting out of the reactive energy “soup”. Even though it may feel like an insignificant thing ......

This is the first step into getting out of the “reactive soup” and into the creativity we are meant to use.

Going forward with this step can help us design our lives instead of being at the mercy of circumstances.

Energy work helps your body find balance. Getting a massage, exercising…. Doing something enjoyable can bring physical, mental and emotional healing.

Feng Shui offers an environment where balance can continue after that wonderful massage, experience, vacation…. and where chaos is minimized.

A well balanced environment can help us extend that state of balance and grace.

Following Classical Feng Shui Tips helps recognize where the “reactive soup” is, so you may work with it instead of being in it. Becoming part of it can be the beginning of a downward spiral.

Stay tune for energy tips as we get closer to 2017, the year of the Fire Rooster.

What changes and opportunities are coming up?

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