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Bazi and your Career

The definition and the view of what “work” is has changed. Our priorities then was to get a job as a source of income. Today we focus on career. A career means having freedom of choice. Sometimes we get lost in the choosing process.

Presently technology and information is abundant. The more we look for answers outside of ourselves, the more we lose sight of who we are. Chinese Astrology offers a view of your innate talents. Answers can be found by looking at your natal chart and your hidden stems. The moment you where born becomes an imprint of your life.

The date of your birth becomes encoded into a combination of the 12 zodiac animals and 5 elements. The 12 animals have their own set of elements, sometimes 1, 2 or 3 of them. Some charts have predominant elements. In terms of career, this is a sample list of what the elements represent.

Wood element: Teaching, fashion, cultural activities, growth and property, furniture business.

Fire element: Marketing, energy, communication, food, entertainment, media, aviation, pharmaceutical industry.

Earth element: Human Resource, durable goods,

property, construction, antiques, building materials….

Metal element: Leadership, legal sector, military, financial, hardware, jewelry, banking, mechanical industries…

Water element: Technical department, tourism,

beverage, logistics, journalism, strategy, aquatics industry...

How these elements interact tells the “how”. What is your contribution to society? What are your natural talents? How can you make an income? Are you a numbers or a people person?


How these elements interact with the year and time tells us “when” and “what” is favorable. Is this a good year to have a joint venture? or change jobs? Maybe it is about study or travel? Maybe is about laying low and taking inventory of your accomplishments.

Knowing who you are and where you want to be saves time and energy. Perhaps saving us from an aimless path or ill fated destiny. When combined with Feng Shui, Bazi can give you a big advantage over others.

Taking action at the right time and working with the flow of energy is the best way succeed in the sea of life.

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