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The Runaway Brides

Marriage is one of life’s events we look forward to celebrating. It feeds a basic human necessity: emotional security, the need to love and be loved. Women no longer jump into marriage as if it is their ultimate life goal. The modern woman has learned that happiness comes from within.

Bride's Bouquet

Last year, I had 2 memorable runaway brides. Their mothers asked for my help. Bride “A” had been engaged twice before. Bride “B” almost tied the knot twice.

Both these brides are very beautiful and very capable individuals. Now in their 30’s, they were at a critical point. Bride “A” had an abundance of suitors, but none of them made a significant impression. After analyzing her floor plan and visiting her apartment, I realized the state of her being. I went on to make some changes to trigger the relational energies of the space. We also exchanged some pictures and moved her bed.

It was also very important for bride “A” to know what kind of man would be well suited for her. A suggestion she embraced. A few weeks later, she met someone in her building and they started dating. The parents where very excited. They had their fingers and toes crossed hoping this would be the one!

Everyone in her family was very happy and felt this man was a great fit for her. The grandma, was happy and at peace to finally see her grandchild getting married.

Bride “A” got married in a simple ceremony. As of spring 2021, bride "A" is expecting her second child...

Peach Blossom

Bride “B” was in a long term relationship and living with her partner of nearly 10 years. She had called off the wedding twice. The previous years had been tough on her partner. His behavior made her doubt the commitment.

Memories of her childhood haunted her. Her parents where divorced and her mom had a horrible experience. I analyzed both hers and his natal charts and explained to her the energetic cause of his behavior. The fluctuation in his behavior was due partly because of his nature and the negative effect the years has had on his high stakes business. She laughed, confirmed and understood.

His chart also showed that he loved her very much. A look at her chart showed me that she truly wanted children. Especially a boy. A few weeks later, I heard bride “B” moved out of her partner’s home. It became difficult to continue. However, after being together for almost 10 years, separation was very difficult and they started speaking to each other again. Part of the problem was the negative energy that was affecting their home for the year.

Soon after, they took at trip together. Few months later, her mom called me to tell me that they got married. Last I heard, they were expecting!

Marriage can be one of the hardest relational experiences we have. Sometimes, it can test the limits of our being. But, when marriage works, it can provide intense feelings of intimacy and love that we crave as human beings. Because emotions are at the center of a relational experience, sometimes we can get swept away and influenced by them without looking at the bigger picture.

I am grateful to be able to help my friends daughter’s lives. Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology can offer solutions that can alter the course of our lives. Without a clear solution, these brides could have remained in the state they where for a long period of time. Living the same life, doing the same thing and most importantly, operating at the same level or worse. Stagnant, frustrated with no significant growth to look forward to and “waking up” when it was too late…

Living with no regrets is the way to live a prosperous and harmonious lifestyle. This is what Life’s Simple Pleasures is about, appreciating the small experiences in life that makes life whole and worth living.

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