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A Halloween Front Door

This week we have a question from Crystal regarding her front door and Halloween trick or treaters.

Dear Veronica,
I’m curious, with Halloween arriving soon, my front door is in a negative sector. How do I enjoy the little trick or treaters with out having this area activated over and over on Halloween night? Thanks in advance for your help!
~ Crystal

Hi Crystal,

Halloween is the third biggest celebration in the US after Christmas and the New Year. Everyone loves to

dress up and celebrate it. The excitement of the children is one of the many positives of this holiday. But to your question, it depends on what kind of negative sector you have.

There are many kinds of negative sectors. Some are called: Offending the Grand Duke, The Year Breaker, 3 Killings of Calamity, and Robbery & Annual. They can also be Illness, Arguments or Violence areas.

The strength of these negative areas depend upon the timing and on how you use the area. We also take into consideration what is around it. For example, a tree blocking your front door, too strong of traffic, and the way the street curves can also make the negative area worse.

Negative areas can affect different members of the family, depending on the sector and location of your front door. In general, if your door is in a negative area, it is best to avoid too much activity. If possible, leave the door open and take out the screen to your storm door to use as the opening to pass candy to your trick or treaters.

A constant opening or closing doors, slamming or creating movement in the area can trigger negative energies. When this happens, the overall experience may become unpleasant. Depending on the nature of the area, something negative or unexpected can can also happen as a result.

Home decorating is also a big aspects of Halloween. If your front door is facing a negative area, avoid items that move. Place static items instead.

Refer to the Energy Potential to choose a good day to place or move these items. They are published every Sunday on our 2 social media platforms, Facebook & Instagram. Read our #WisdomWednesday publications for information on the energies of October.

Thank you for your question, Crystal. If you would like to Ask Veronica a question about Feng Shui or

Chinese Astrology, please send it to Veronica at or leave it in the comments!

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