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Bazi and Your Career

Today's question comes from Tanya,

Can my natal chart tell me about my career and what type of options/choices I may have?

Tanya, the answer to your questions is YES and so much more.

The System of Codes

The Chinese Astrology system called Bazi is made of 4 pillars. Each pillar corresponds to the year, month, day and hour of your birth. Bazi is translated to 8 characters or symbols that remain unchanged throughout life and it becomes your blueprint. The relationship between time and your chart becomes the indicator and expression of things to come. This is expressed via a system of codes.

The Career Pillar & Childhood Experiences

The career pillar Is represented by your birth month. It gives you clues as to what role, clients and career is suitable for you. Oddly enough this also represents the relationship with your parents and family of origin.

What you learn during your childhood home and the experiences you had growing up becomes the programming and tools that help you become useful in this lifetime.

Best Energy Flow = The Right Timing

The timing of when you’ll get a job, finding the right people to connect with, grow and make strides in your career comes when the interaction of the year energy or month relates favorably to your pillar.

This is an amazing planning tool. Knowing what the energy of the year and the months within the year brings can allow you to plan major activities successfully. The “right timing” is the best timing. It is when the flow of energy is aligned with you, therefore results are favorable provided you take the right action and can provide value

The New Earth

Gone are the times when you made career choices based on what everyone wanted you to do, had more prestige or made more money. This results in unhappy, stressed and unfulfilled people, a career without a purpose and less than happy clients. This kind of behavior spills into the community and the field as a whole.

Going forward and becoming indispensable, is about being great at what you do and that comes from within. Whatever you resonate with is in your natal chart because your birth is your personal blueprint

Other Indicators

The month pillar also represents your health. The old adage of, "Too much work and no play affecting the soul, health and body..." applies to Chinese Astrology as well. The codes indicate what organ or part of the body can be affected.

When you are likely to make the most money, make changes to your career as well as when you will retire is also indicated in your chart.

Chinese Astrology is based on the 5 elements, the 5 moving planets and the solar cycle. There is nothing mysterious or Woo-Woo about it…

What I learned from Chinese Astrology

I have learned to have a different perspective and not take anything personally. In an ever active and changing world, we are bound to experience positive and negative interactions. Knowing why and when these days are coming up helps to divert the emotional effect.

Depending on the intensity, this effects can hurt us emotionally, physically and weaken our immune system through the auric field.

The Energy Potential

I publish the upcoming weekly energy every Sunday on social media. Although it is not personalized, it is aimed to bring awareness and help you navigate in an even closer daily cycle. Can a day make a difference? Certainly. Daily posts are available for you to preview

Head over to and print your natal chart. You will be amazed to see all the symbols that represent who you are

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