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What Your Element Says About You

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Chinese Astrology has five elements. These five elements are the building blocks of Nature and the Universe. Most cultures have a version of it, as written in this article. Not all elements are the same. Western Astrology has 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Earth.Chinese Astrology has 5: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. How do the 5 elements apply to an individual?

Fire element is represented by the Sun
Fire Element


The fire element is symbolized by the Sun, always giving, nurturing life. Fire element individuals are deeply passionate about life.

You are extremely motivated, and need constant stimulation. Due to this, working freelance or as the boss works more naturally and you'll find yourself happier in your work.

Due to your need of stimulation, fire individuals must make certain they don't burn themselves out or create anxiety. Because your nature is hot like the sun, you need to make certain you do calm exercise to find balance, such as long walks or restorative yoga.

Having the Sun in your chart means you like having a schedule. Having a system is beneficial for you.

At certain times, the Sun can overheat. Tempers flair and if strong enough, can consume a whole village. You can also seem flighty when you are bored.

If you were born in a year ending with a 6 or a 7, you are the fire element.

Color: Red

Season: Summer

Planet: Mars

Earth represents Stability
Earth Element


Earth is a Mountain, it is the source of all life. All things exist on Earth. Having Earth in your chart means you can be stable and dependable. Natural peacekeepers, earth individuals have a strong sense of justice and are good peer mediators.

Earth people tend to stay calm when they are in the midst of a storm. In fact, those helpers Mr. Rodgers asked us all to look for...they're likely Earth Element individuals. They are excellent problem solvers and can handle a crisis well. Earth element people need to make sure they don't become controlling.

Earth people will move mountains to help you. Make sure you acknowledge their efforts. Earth people benefit from stillness, so practicing meditation can help them stay grounded and healthy.


Color: Brown

Season: End of summer, early autumn

Planet: Saturn

Metal is the strongest of the elements
Metal Element


The strongest of the elements, this is the straight forward element. What you see is what you get when you're friends with metal individuals. They're the individuals who put the eye on the prize and then take the prize. They get the job done.

Metal element individuals are disciplined, are very ethical and morale, but they can also be controlling and judgmental. Metal individuals are very satisfied when they find the simplest path to a job well done.

Their softer side is compassionate and draws them to altruistic endeavors. Metal needs to see outward growth to balance out the upward growth they are always pursuing in their career and also with their personal goals. This helps them to expand and satisfies a need to belong to something bigger than themselves.

Metal individuals are extremely loyal and intensely protective of those that they love. To lighten up their highly structured lives, our metal friends should practice deep breathing exercises and meditation.

Color: White

Season: Autumn

Planet: Venus

Water elements represents Knowledge
Water Element


Symbolized by the Ocean, it is always moving. Having Water in your chart represents knowledge. How clear it is depends on the other elements.

Water element individuals are sensitive and introverted. They enjoy spending time in self-reflection, water element folk observe and don't like to be the center of attention. A rainy day inside is a perfect environment for water element people.

Very creative and full of inspiration, these perfectionists love to put activities together for everyones enjoyment. Because they internalize so much, when water element people finally open up, their friends and family are often overwhelmed by just how much is flowing outward.

Water element people need a calm environment. They are fueled when surrounded by others, which seems like a contradiction to their need to self-isolate, self-reflection, and enjoy the peace of alone time.

Color: Black

Season: Winter

Planet: Mercury

Wood Element represents Growth
Wood Element


Patient, compassionate, and understanding, wood element individuals are wise beyond their years. Wood people are warm, sociable, stable and practical.

Excellent decision makers and planners, wood individuals have strong vision and leadership skills. When too focused on their goals, wood people can become competitive, intrusive, and not respect other people's boundaries.

Regular exercise (yoga or pilates) and lots of rest can help wood people not fall into their element traps of over-working

Color: Green

Season: Spring

Planet: Jupiter

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