What is Your Element and What does it Say About You?

The Five Elements are the building blocks of Nature and the Universe.

Most cultures have a version of it, as written in this article. Not all elements are the same. Western Astrology has 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Earth.Chinese Astrology has 5: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

How do the 5 elements apply to an individual?

Fire element is represented by the Sun
Fire Element


Symbolized by the Sun. It is always giving. It nurtures life.

Having the Sun in your chart means you like having a schedule. Having a system is beneficial for you.

At certain times, the Sun can overheat. Tempers flair and if strong enough, can consume a whole village.

Earth represents Stability
Earth Element


Earth is a Mountain, it is the source of all life. All things exist on Earth. Having Earth in your chart means you can be stable and dependable.

A Mountain holds many treasures. However, the mountain does not move easily. If you need something from them, it is best to go to them.

Metal is the strongest of the elements
Metal Element


The strongest of the elements, it is straight forward. What you see is what you get. Having Metal in your chart will have you drawn to altruistic endeavors

Metal can be insensitive, only one element can convince it.

Water elements represents Knowledge
Water Element


Symbolized by the Ocean, it is always moving. Having Water in your chart represents knowledge. How clear it is depends on the other elements.

Water needs to continue to flow, it is not good if frozen or muddy.

Wood Element represents Growth
Wood Element


Like the tree signifies growth, a tree grows upwards.

A person with this element has leadership qualities. Best to nurture them when young

Because a Tree is strong and tall, it does not bend and can be stubborn.

These are the characteristics of the 5 elements in Yang form. The elements also exist in Yin form. Everyone’s natal chart has 4 of these elements on top.What does yours look like? If you want to know more, visit this link

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