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The Coming of a New Period

The subject of a coming new period has been highly publicized for the last couple of years. We are now

transitioning into a new era known as the Age of Fire.

Period 9 The Age of Fire

Period 9 is a major shift of energy that will affect the entire world. Bringing intellectual leaps in consciousness, knowledge, technology...where prosperity comes from self-abundance.

Signs of Period 9

The transition has started and we are seeing signs everywhere. From the way we work, relate to others, to the way we learn, following our passion, becoming our authentic self, and welcoming the feminine.

How Can Change Affect Our World?

Fire energy is about being authentic. If something does not resonate, it will cease to be vibrant. This applies to people, places, occupation, lifestyle, interests…

Here Are Some of the Questions We Have Received,

  • Do I need to move my bed to the South? The answer is no. Fire energy resides in the South, however, bed placement follows a certain order related to its position to the door, bathroom, window first.

  • Should I move houses? There is no need to move houses. In most cases, you may need to change the way you use your home to activate a different set of energies. This is done on an individual basis.

  • Should I remodel my home? Only if you are not making use of the right energies or if you have certain sectors missing.

  • Are there some jobs that will become redundant? Yes, technology and AI will replace many occupations. The secret is to learn to use technology, not to be ruled by it.

  • How can I stand out in my chosen career? It is about letting go of old systems, providing a new approach, providing value, building trust, and strengthening relationships.

Changing The Way We Approach Wealth

We are offering our 9 Steps Program for the 6th year in a row were we cover the New Wealth in Period 9. Space is limited.

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