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Beams and Plaster Ceilings

Today’s question came from Ernest,

Dear Veronica,

I keep seeing all these farmhouses people are making over and they seem to LOVE leaving wood beams exposed, which I thought was bad Feng Shui. Is it bad Feng Shui, and why?

How does that compare to beautiful plaster ceilings that have designs on them? Do those cause issues?

I agree that exposed beams add a great touch to rustic design. From the Feng Shui perspective it is about shape, edge, and proximity.

  • If you are adding beams, it is best to have high ceilings, 10’ to 12’ high. Most barns are at least twice that height so it shouldn’t pose a problem. It is best not to sit below them or sleep directly under them.

  • Shape needs to be in proportion to the size of the room. Most beams are square or rectangular.

  • It is best to avoid sharp edges. Break the exposed edges so the corner does not create “cutting” energy.

What is “Cutting” energy?

Cutting energy or “Sha Qi” can be seen indoors, outdoors or on any objects

Example #1.

Have you ever sat with your back exposed to a corner of a table? I have, and experienced a back ache after a few hours.

Example #2.

I was at a ladies house who had gotten divorced. When I viewed the master bedroom, I noticed there was a beam in the ceiling that “cut” the bed in half. It was an 8 ft ceiling room, and the beams were too close. You will typically find the 8ft ceilings in a farmhouse, therefore, you should avoid them in that situation.

Example #3.

A friend complained that her son was doing odd things that were not to their benefit. They had just downsized and where living in an apartment. After looking at the floor plan, I found that a corner of a wall “cut” the entrance to the teen’s bedroom. Luckily, this was a temporary home for them.

Beautiful Plaster Ceilings

I believe you are referring to the hand plastered ones that mimic a church ceiling or public venues of the early to mid-20th century. Ones I’ve seen have high ceilings and are flat. Showing a beautiful story or painting does not make it negative. What is most important is it does not "cut" energy.

Ernest, thanks for sending your questions, it will help our readers have awareness of those features too.

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