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Sloped Ceilings In a Bedroom

Paige asked:

“I am considering taking an apartment with sloped ceilings in the bedroom. Is this an issue with Feng Shui?”

This is an excellent question and I appreciate your smart and proactive approach.

Sloped ceilings can result in many unpleasant effects. The lower the ceiling, the more effect they will have on the occupant. Why?

Energies are suppressed. It is not beneficial to the person if you cannot stand on the sloped area comfortably with your arms up. Best to find another place Paige, no matter how cute or adorable this place is because you will end up paying for the lack of space with your life. And that, is something you cannot get back.

If you are a guest and are offered this place for the weekend, it is OK. Any longer than that will have an effect on your life, your decisions and personal growth. Considering that leases are mostly 1 year, it is best to move on.

More things to consider include does this area have other negative features that can affect you?

What if you are sleeping in your bad direction? Any negative events that come in your life will have an impact according to what you are aligned or misaligned with. Suppressed energies can result in lack of rest and expansion, therefore you may feel ungrounded and experience lack of support.


We spend about 1/3 of our life in our bedroom, mostly sleeping. Therefore, trying to sleep in an area that feels cramped will eventually impact an area of your life in a negative way. And because the energies are working slowly, like a boiled frog, you may not jump out of the warm water.


Example #1: I met a couple that moved their bedroom to the upper level. The ceilings where slopped and that is where their head was located as they slept. What used to be a vibrant, loving & amazing relationship ended in an ugly divorce. In this case, the sloped ceilings managed to turn them against each other.

Example #2: A college girl took a bedroom in the highest floor of a home with slopped ceilings. She amassed a big amount of credit card debt. In this case, this resulted in lack of clarity and poor decisions.

Example #3: Speaking to a friend and parent he shared that once he tried to sleep in his child’s bedroom. He commented that he had the hardest time falling asleep. Being familiar with the architecture of his home, I asked if it had slopped ceilings. The answer was yes. His eyes lit up when I said, "Can you see that this can also have an effect on the future of your children?"

Sleep is often underrated. Remember that when you get a good night sleep, besides rest, all our systems have a chance to rejuvenate. From stress, physical exhaustion or even an illness. Getting the right sleep is good for your mental, emotional and physical self. A tired body or mind cannot seek abundance.

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