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Feng Shui In the Garden for Spring

This question came in from Vivian.

Dear Veronica,
Now that spring has officially arrived, could you please review where not to overly dig, where wind chimes may go and of course, water fountains.

Vivian, this is a great question because digging or disturbing the earth can have some effects in our life.

This information will be useful in the northern hemisphere, as well as the Southern Hemisphere, for the present months. In Classical or Eastern Feng Shui, there are at least 4 “no dig” areas. Whereas the American Feng Shui only looks at 1.

No digging or disturbing also means no construction and renovation. Anything that results in movement and additional vibration will wake the “sleeping dragon”. This is why we like to keep the area quiet.

No Dig Areas for 2022

  • Center of the house or space. This is the place of the most negative energy. Some buildings and homes are shaped like a “C”, “U” or “L” , digging to plant a tree or renovating the area can bring disaster.

  • North is home for the “3 Killings” energy which affects 3 areas of life for the occupants: wealth, health and relationships.

  • A slice of the NE. Doing major digging in this area can lead to unexpected money losses.

  • A slice of the NW. Can result in robbery when the area is disturbed.

  • Southwest affects health. It is known as the “Sickness Star” and affects the mother or eldest female.

Who Can Be The Most Affected?

In general, those with low immune system, the elderly, children can be affected the most. Going a step further, it can affect the eldest female, male of the home and the sons this year.

Can Gardening Disturb the Earth?

General gardening would not affect these energies. Doing the usual tasks like weeding and cutting the grass will not affect these energies. However, digging, installing a new walkway or patio will disturb the energies and wake the “sleeping dragon”.

No Dig areas for the Spring

Energies are not static, and they are in a constant state of motion.

  • April: Avoid the North. There a layering of energies and doing this will double the effect

  • May: Avoid the Southwest. Illness and negative monthly energies are coupled during this time. If this is your entrance, everyone in the home can be affected.

  • June: Avoid the East. Major digging in this area can bring disharmony, struggles and confrontations.

Water Fountains

No dig areas also apply to placement of water. Unless you where directed by a qualified Classical Feng Shui consultant, stop the fountain for the month. Take this time to unplug and clean your pump and water accessories.

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes represent the metal element. Metal counteracts and weakens some negative energies. They are best placed in the Southwest and Center for 2022.

A metal item or sculpture will also work in the interior of your space.

Is there are remedy?

Remedies or cures are personalized based on the space, the environment, selecting a special date and the energy of the occupants.

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