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Mirrors in the Bedroom

This week we have a query from Katherine about mirrors in the bedroom.

“Dear Veronica, I’ve been advised by a friend that it is bad Feng Shui to hang a mirror in your bedroom. Can you please explain why? Thanks “

Placing a mirror in the bedroom is a practice I discourage. The mirror does its part to wreak havoc in your relationship & health. A bedroom is a place of rest, rejuvenation and intimacy. In order to enjoy that, a Yin and relaxing place is needed.

A mirror reflects light and energy, moving them like a ball in an arcade game. This is a Yang activity. A mirror is a good addition in active areas like some entrances, hallways, dinning room… but not in the bedroom.

Some examples of how mirrors in the bedroom can negatively impact you.

#1. Wall to wall closet mirrors. This was a very popular feature back in the 80’s and you see it a lot in the US on the West Coast. In this kind of bedroom a couple eventually got divorced because a third party managed to break them apart. #2. A dresser mirror. It faced the bed and reflected the people sleeping in it. The married man enjoyed

pornography. #3. A dresser mirror reflecting the bed. The man badmouthed the wife and her family constantly and flirted with other women. #4. Mirrored closet doors. The recipient of this energy suffers from neck and spine stiffness and pain. These are some examples that can happen from excess energy caused by the extra Yang energy in the bedroom. RECOMMENDED BEDROOM MIRROR PRACTICES

  • Only keep small mirrors in the bedroom or avoid them altogether.

  • Anything reflective becomes a mirror, like a TV. Either cover them when you sleep or avoid them altogether.

  • If you cannot remove a mirrored closet door, cover them with paint, sticky vinyl or wall paper. There are many great options out there, choose a creative design.

  • Be sure a mirror does not reflect the bed or the person that sleeps in it.

Use the mirror to bring light to a dark hallway instead or to reflect a nice view.

I hope these suggestions and real life experience help you design a more peaceful bedroom. Do you have a question about Feng Shui or Chinese Astrology you'd like to ask me? Please feel free to leave your question in the comments or email me,

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