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My Chart and My Love life

Ashley asked,

Dear Veronica,

“What part of my natal chart reveals information about my love life? “

Ashley, we look at least 6 areas of a chart to look for answers in regards to your love life in the natal chart as well as the cycles.

Some of the aspects are,

  • What kind of person you are looking for?

  • When you are likely to meet.

  • Whether there is chemistry.

  • Sexual orientation.

  • Is the relationship long lasting?

  • Is your Feng Shui supportive of a relationship?

What Kind of Person Are You Looking For?

This is described in your “Day Pillar” in the Hidden Stems. This is the primary place look for compatibility.

If you have 1 character, you want someone simple, 2 or 3 characters describes some complexity or more qualities that you are naturally attracted to as well as the non negotiable traits.

When You Are Likely To Meet

Timing is the key. Things can naturally happen when your cycle indicates the presence of a partner. It could be in the year or 10 year luck cycle. As consultants, we can work with months or indicate a day when relationship activity is likely and beneficial

Whether There is Chemistry

With Chinese Astrology, we can look at 5 different aspects of chemistry via the relationship between the animals in yours or the other person’s chart. Sometimes chemistry is about physical attraction and may not be long lasting…how to choose depends on what you are looking for at the moment.

Sexual Orientation

At the present time, people are more open about their sexual identity. This is not something that was traditionally taught but can be seen in a chart. For example, a female having an absence of the husband or boyfriend code.

Is It Long Lasting?

Looking at your chart is a very efficient way to select who you want to invest time in. Once time is lost, you can never get it back.

Other things the chart is likely to reveal is the nature of your relationship. Is this person likely to be supportive? Are you intimately compatible? What is your love language? What kind of communication to avoid and what works best?

Looking at natal charts is approaching this subject from the inside out. Which is opposite to what dating sites offer. Looking at the Feng Shui of your home is also helpful. Hint: It is not the “pink” corner.

Thanks for your question. If you would like a me to go over your natal chart personally, I offer a variety of services, including a relationship consultation and a personal consultation. Just click services at the top of the page.

If you have a question about Chinese Astrology or Feng Shui you'd like me to answer, please leave your

question here in the comment section or email me directly at

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