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Feng Shui for Better Relationships

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

There are a few areas in the home that are key to help the energy of love flow into your life.


It is important to have a clean and welcoming entrance. The front door is the mouth of Chi, where you welcome opportunities.


For 2021, this area is located in the East sector of a home or space. The East represents the wood element, placing a flowering plant, fresh flowers or a bamboo arrangement can enhance this energy. Having collaborative endeavors are the best way to get ahead during these times of change. Relationships make life sweeter.


Also called the Tai Chi, this area can be left clean and cleared from clutter.


This room is central to the theme of stability and harmony, because it is our personal space, the bedroom must be a room dedicated to resting and renewing oneself. There should be no televisions, computers, workout equipment or desk. The bedroom should be the most restful, or Yin area, of the home where you can rest and rejuvenate for the next day. Lighting should be dimmable and soft, not harsh.

Here are a few practical tips to consider in order to maintain a good relationship with your significant other, have good health or attract a new partner in your life.

  • Be sure the bed is not aligned to the path of the door. It should be located diagonally from it, so you are still able to see who is coming in as you are laying in bed

  • Have a solid headboard, it is supportive while you sleep and in your most vulnerable state. The best kind of headboard is an upholstered headboard because of its strength and softness. See my previous blog on bed placement.

  • The side of the bed should not be against the wall. No space on the side, means no room for a partner.

  • Place items in red or pink on the Southwest area of the bedroom. Also items that represent couples, such as a sculpture, 2 hearts, a picture.

  • If you have a table or nightstands at either side of the bed, they must be comparable, they do not have to be identical, but reflect who each other is.

I visited a client who was having trouble in their relationship. Their bedroom was a very clear clue of that fact. To begin with, their nightstands where far off in size and practicality. There where pictures of the family all over the place. Ironically, this being a blended marriage, one partner was more dominant over the other. The children where a source of conflict.

My suggestion was to even out one of the nightstands, add a lamp and remove the family pictures in their bedroom. I also placed crystals to aid communication and love.

Family pictures belong in the family area of the home not in the bedroom. There should only be pictures of the couple in happy occasions on display in the bedroom.


Everyone has best directions for love and romance based on their date of birth. You can use this direction as long as you still have a view of the door as you lay in bed without it being directly aligned to the door.

When you sleep with your head pointed to your relationship direction or sit facing in that direction, on a date for example, you are attracting and being in that favorable energy, This is a simple and great way to align with your energy. See my previous blog on Bed Placement II.


Lastly, the advice I share with those that are looking for a partner is to “know what you are looking for.” Get serious about making a list of the qualities you are looking for in a partner. You may be as specific as listing height, color hair, qualities, characteristics or occupation. Having a list brings awareness to your conscious mind.

When we connect to this awareness, we can find what we want. Awareness is the attainment that can help us find the best match possible.

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along”


With Chinese Astrology decoding what you want and what you are looking for is simpler. After studying Chinese Astrology, I realized that the Rumi quote is true. Your personal codes reveal who you are and what you are searching for. Are you looking for security? Excitement, friendship? Someone who works independently, a thinker, a doer?

Someone creative, a good communicator, resourceful?

The codes also helps us decipher the best way to communicate with our significant other and maintain our relationships. It is an invaluable tool for growth and happiness.

This and more is what I am teaching in the upcoming program.

The Relationship Code.” Session 2 starts on March 18th.

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