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Money Trees

Hi Veronica,

Happy Mothers Day!

As I’ve been scrolling through Instagram, I’ve noticed an individual or two discussing money trees.

To me it seems suspect, but they’re saying these trees help the “money wifi” intensify in your home.

What do you think?


The Different Types of Money Trees

There are natural plants with a braided trunk, as well as money trees made with different kinds of crystals, that are offered as “Feng Shui” items. Truth be told, these ads for money trees you have stumbled across are designed to take money out instead of in. In my opinion, money trees are a decorative item. If you like them, use them, but don’t expect to get an ROI unless you sell them.

The Power of Trees

We have a fascination with trees. Trees represent the Wood element. They represent expansion and growth. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why money trees are popular. It is not because they will “magically make money” for you but because the idea or belief they remind us of.

What about Christmas trees? Every year, there are approximately 30 million trees cut and sold in the US. They revolve around a tradition where the biggest spending of the year happens. According to banking sources, as much as 960 billion was spend at Christmas of 2022.

It is natural to associate a money tree as a symbol of wealth given our holiday traditions.

Trees as “Money WiFi”

The only element that can claim that wood is their wealth are those with the metal element in their natal chart. Print your chart and look for the metal element in your day pillar.

Tree Placement

Where to place a tree inside the house is important. It can activate certain energies in the house that can contribute to your well-being, your growth, and finding fulfillment based on YOUR goals & actions.

The term “Money does not grow on trees” helps solidify the association and fascination we have with trees, but remember it is about how we use it and what kinds of actions we take.

One of the concepts that is on the decline is about placing power in external objects. We must realize that our power comes from within.

Thanks for posting your question Kimberly, hope this blog brings you clarity.

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