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Feng Shui and Loud neighbors

We received this question from Eunice.

Dear Veronica

I have “crazy” neighbors. Loud, thoughtless of how their actions affect others, I’m wondering what’s best to protect the nice energy in my home and yard.

Eunice, I am sorry you are having this experience. There are a few general things that I can suggest to begin with.

#1. Do not retaliate.

Complaining to them or competing with them will only escalate the situation.

#2. Investigate.

What are the limitations within your neighborhood or building? Are there any laws or ordinance that you can use?

#3. Try speaking to them.

Chances are, they may not be fully aware of the effects. If you have sensitivities to noise or timing, let that be known and offer some suggestions and try to come to an agreement.

#4. Use helpful tools to drawn the noise.

Close the door or windows during the “noisiest” times. Have the music or TV on.

For apartment dwellers, sharing a wall with a noisy neighbor will be more difficult. However, living in a single family home provides more options.

Deflecting Energy

Everything is energy including sound and emotions. When they are intrusive, it can be upsetting.

  • Deflecting energy means having noise barriers. Like having insulation, furniture, fabric or carpet that can help to muffle the noise from the inside. In the garden, plant tall shrubs, build a fence or a water feature can help create an energetic block

  • Finding Inner peace. Our home is our sanctuary, how you cope with the noise will affect your environment. Choose to be less reactive, find creative outlets to relax. A peaceful mind is more apt to find solutions.

  • Is the neighbor located in a negative area of the year? In 2023 the negative areas are the Northwest, the Northeast and Southeast. Adding metal items or garden decor can mitigate these energies in the Northwest and Southeast. Using candles or a light in the Northeast can also help.

  • Energies intensity. Be aware that in the month of June, energies will double. This can mean more noise during that time, so prepare to deflect energy in the negative areas BEFORE the month starts.

  • When energies double, so do the positive ones. This is the beauty of our Universe. Choose to engage in activities that trigger the good energies and rise above.

Eunice, I hope these tips help. For further guidance, post a comment in our social media channels, write to us or engage our services.

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