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Gardening and Feng Shui

Dear Veronica

Does having a garden have an affect on your homes Feng Shui? Thanks, Elise

The answer is ABSOLUTELY if your question is regarding having a nice garden.

Nice Garden = Better Curb Appeal

Having an attractive garden makes the house feel loved, makes it more inviting, and sparkle with good energy. When there is good energy, the building can receive a higher vibration.

As an example, nicer people can spread happiness and attract higher vibrations.

When Bad Energy Hits

Energy is in a constant ebb and flow. Even when negative energy hits specific sectors, if the sector is well maintained, it can lessen the negative effect.

6 reasons to have a nice garden

  • It makes a good impression

  • It increases the value of the home and the neighborhood.

  • It shows the residents care for their home and are connected to it.

  • A garden can offer an a additional place to rest and gather.

  • A well-kept garden can bring privacy and keeps the home safe from intruders

  • Homes with nice gardens sell faster and at higher prices.

The Feng Shui Perspective

Besides lessening the effect of negative energies, a garden can also block the view of undesirable elements. For example a tree can block an electrical pole or a pointed roof.

The Main Reason for Having a Nice Garden is This

The Qi making machine is not inside the house, it is outside. As much as 75% of the energy comes from the outside. The quality of this energy can trigger different areas of the home positively or negatively.

Having a nice garden requires a commitment, however, it brings more benefits.

Negative Qi

Digging or planting trees or landscaping is something that can trigger negative effects. Observing yearly and monthly energies allows us to avoid activity in negative areas. We offer a yearly webinar as well as monthly updates on #WisdomWednesday publication.

This was a great question for this time of the year Elise, thank you and happy gardening!

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