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Space Around Your Bed

Mary Agnes asked,

“Hi Veronica, I am shopping for bedroom furniture and I heard space around the bed is important. Can you explain that this means and why? Thank you”

Hi Mary Agnes, I like your question because,

#1 - You are asking before hand

#2 - Sleeping is one of the most important aspects to boost our health

#3 - Without the proper rest, we operate from lack rather than abundance

My Answer Is…

Space around your bed is important because it allows energy to flow from all sides and to circulate. Otherwise, there will be weakness and stagnation. Since energy is not visible to the naked eye, you can see this evidence in the accumulation of dust. More dust will accumulate on the side of the bed that is against the wall.

It Is About Balance

Balance means having equal space or comparable space on both sides. As a partner, having very little space can feel constricting. Doing so every day builds up negative emotions that are bound to manifest in some form or another.

Here's A Client Experience

A couple’s bedroom. She had a beautiful dresser that was at least 4 times the size of his. His side had just enough room for him to walk to his side with a very small, old nightstand. This couple was having marital issues.

Your environment reflects your state of being. Change your personal environment and you will see and feel the results.

Thanks for asking your question and hope this helps to plan your next bedroom

If you'd like me to analyze a room or your entire home, just visit my services page to make an appointment.

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