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The 12 Animal Series: Chinese Astrology for 2022

Astrology has been used for thousands of years and continues today.Since its inception, those that were able to interpret the stars and did it well, advised the elite in society.

The information age has allowed everyone to have access to this information and use it for their benefit. This understanding has taught us that everyone has a calling, a unique destiny and life potential.

Chinese Astrology is one form of Astrology and it is based on the movement of the planets, the Sun and their influence on Earth.

What is Chinese Astrology

A personal chart is made of 4 columns and 8 characters. In Chinese, this form of Astrology is called Bazi

Bazi is a system. Like the workings of nature and the Universe, the system is cyclical. The top row or 4

characters of the chart are a symbol of the 5 elements which represent the 5 moving planets

The bottom row of the chart or 4 bottom characters are symbolized by a selection of the 12 animals. They represent the distance of the Sun to our planets.

A natal chart is based on 4 pieces of data: The year, month, day and hour of your brith according to the location you where born. These 4 pieces of imformation become a pillar in the chart - Thus, Chinese Astrology is also known as the 4 Pillars of Destiny.

“We are stars wrapped in skin - the light you are seeking has always been within”
~ Rumi

The ancients knew that answers to life’s questions can be found within. The chart becomes your personal blueprint to life, an instruction manual and a potential waiting to be fulfilled.

What information can be derived from the chart?

  • Deeper understanding of the person’s attitude, emotions and traits

  • Understanding their luck or opportunities in the current cycle

  • Assessing the quality of the family’s dynamics and relationships.

  • The nature of the relationship with a partner, that’s a pattern to!

  • Your relationship with your children

  • Discern one’s personal work style, career and opportunities

  • Evaluating heath, wellness and physical strength

  • Anticipate challenges

  • Being aware of shifts the new year brings

The 12 Animal Series

In the next 12 weeks, I will briefly go over each animal as it relates to 2022. Focusing on the last item above: “Being aware of the shift the new year brings”

For some, 2022 will bring spectacular opportunities, for others it may be a chance to retreat. Whatever the opportunities are and wherever they manifest, having awareness of where to focus on allows us to proceed with clarity and reap better results.

We’ll start next week with the Rat, the first animal in the Chinese Astrology wheel.

For further information, Join my live webinar on Saturday December 11

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