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The Yin and Yang of Chinese Astrology

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Everything in the Universe is based on a plus & minus ( + & - ) relationship. It is in constant vibration. This is known as Yin and Yang.

You can find many writings and videos with information about these 2 opposing forces and coexisting forces of nature. The application of this theory is vast. From nature, to our personality, health, activities and behavior.

Yin and Yang also applies to the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Some have Yin properties and others are Yang. This theory also applies to the 5 elements of nature: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal because of their Yin and Yang characteristics, 5 x 2 = 10.

Plot your natal chart and see what animals and elements you have.

Hardwork and wisdom, firece and kind-hearted, lotal and intelligent, intuitive and systematic, solitary and communal, visionary and easy going.... Which one are you?

When Yin and Yang meet and fit together as explained in the video, we call it a “combination.” Can you tell which ones are Yin and which ones are Yang? Sometimes we are born with a combination in our natal chart . Sometimes we find it in someone else and you feel that they “complete you.” Perhaps you find the “completeness” in something you do…

This characteristic exists in everything and everyone. To go deeper into this knowledge, click on this link

I hope you enjoyed this video. I first heard this story of the 12 animals from one of my teachers. It is a great illustration of the concept of duality.

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