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Can your environment lead to addictive behaviour?

There can be negative consequences when either the male or female areas of the house are not balanced.


I found through personal experience that this can happen. My previous marriage failed.

My ex-husband was attracted to a house we purchased. It reminded him of his childhood home. I have bitter sweet memories living in this home... looking back, this home became one of my greatest teachers.

It turned out that this home did not favor the man of the house.

My ex husband could not succeed or grow his business.

  • The first business dissolved under unfavorable conditions.

  • The second business was hard work and he could not grow it. Eventually he stopped.

  • The third business got even worse. He spiraled down. He became addicted.

I was able to maintain the home for several years after an ugly divorce. When it was time to move, I sold the house to a couple who experienced a similar path. As time went by, the effects became worse for them. The husband became an alcoholic. His addiction was so bad that his wife could no longer put up with it. What happened next left a big impression on me.

The husband killed himself while they where pursuing separation. This experience set the course of my future and became part of my mission…to discover these mysteries and to help others navigate through them. As for my ex husband, he became very successful. I found that out after I hired an attorney!

The home and the environment we spend the most time in have a great influence in our lives. It becomes us and we become it. Our thoughts and actions take on this energetic flavor. It influences our actions whether we realize it or not. Finding balance looks different for each one of us. Some seek outside entertainment, others do a hobby, get counseling, pursue spiritual practice, exercise…even if we have a massage or take a vacation, we come back to the same environment.

Finding balance in our home through Classical Feng Shui is the best way to determine what our space offers. There is no other system quite like it.

What are the male and female areas of a space?

The area of the man is the Northwest. The area of the woman is the Southwest. These are parts of the permanent or natal energy of a home. Look around and see what you have in these areas of your space. Are they in balance? What is going on in your life now?

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