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Tips for Buying a Home

Armande asks,

“Hi Veronica, I am considering buying a home. What are the major things I should look out for regarding the placement of the home, street and interior? Thanks.”

This is a very smart question and a good time to ask, before you sign a contract. From the financial point of view this is also very important considering that a home is the biggest purchase and largest monthly expense.

From the Feng Shui point of view, we become one with the home as we spend more time living in it and absorb its energies. From the scientific point of view, here is Einstein’s quote about the environment: “The field is the sole authority of the particle”. Where the Field is the environment we live in and the Particle refers to us.

The Main Things to Look For

The Exterior: Look at not just the outside of the house but the surrounding neighborhood. How does the road flow? Are you in a cul-de-sac? What do you see across the street? Are there any water features, cell towers, places of high activity near by?

The Interior: The front door, bedroom, family room, kitchen and office... are these areas spacious and clear?

Is there a Fire place? Avoid them in the northwest.

What is the history of the house? If there was a divorce, bankruptcy or death in the house, contact a qualified consultant

First Priority

There is no perfect house out there but the best thing we can do is find a home with the best surrounding environment. This does not mean looking at the priciest neighborhood. The exterior is something you cannot change, that is why it is a priority. Here are some tips to get you started.

4 Best Outdoor features

  • When a house sits on a road that is straight and not too busy or curves towards you.

  • The front of the house has a good size garden area for energy collection.

  • There is no tree, lamp post or large building blocking your front door.

  • Where a pond, lake or pool is located is important, even if it is not in your backyard or directly across from you. Water features are best in the North, East, Southeast and Southwest

The interior of the house can be changed. This is why interior features are not as important as outdoor features.

4 Best Indoor features

  • Hallways are wide and lit because they keep energy flowing.

  • There is a spacious foyer in the entrance of the home for energy to collect.

  • The stove sits against the wall.

  • There are at least 2 solid walls in the bedroom to locate the head of the bed.

Enjoy shopping for homes, it is a daunting process. However when chosen carefully, your home will become your safe place and sanctuary and support your goals.

Have your priorities in mind when you look at homes. Will this be a forever home? Is safety important for children? Is this a place where you will enjoy entertaining? Being clear about your priorities will make shopping easier.

Home shopping can be personalized. For example, buying a home with unfavorable directions can have you feeling pressured and unable to relax. For these tips and more having a trained consultant is best.

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