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Feng Shui and Buying a Row House

Here is question from Kosha regarding finding a new place

“Dear Veronica,

I’m looking to buy my first place, and it appears I can afford a row house in a quiet neighborhood.

I’m wondering how having neighbors on either side of you can affect the Feng Shui of this home before I buy.

Can you help me out? “

Hi Kosha, I am happy to help, Here are a few suggestions based on your question.

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments we can make. Housing costs are usually the largest expense in our monthly budget. This is true whether we rent or own.

For most of us, the decision to buy a home is based on emotion. This decision can sometimes change our life in ways we are not expecting. Using Feng Shui can help you make a better choice and void unnecessary challenges.

Helpful tips regarding buying a home,

The History of the House

To know who lived there and why they left are important. The history indicates what energy is present in the home. Beware if a home is sold because there was divorce, bankruptcy, mental or physical illness and/or death.

The Exterior Surroundings

Avoid negative features that are close to your new home. When you visit the home, look through the windows, what do you see?

What does the front door open to? Are there water features nearby? Are the neighboring homes higher than yours? Is the back sloped?

It is important to avoid sharp roofs, electric poles, “T” junctions or curved roads facing you.

Pay attention to the features because unless they are in your yard, they cannot be changed.

The Interior Features

Interior features can be managed and changed. You can remodel or change how you use the rooms. The most important areas are the bedroom, kitchen, office and family room. How you set up your space and what items you place in the areas can facilitate the flow of good energy.

Regarding Row Houses

Lack of Privacy can come with sharing a wall, depending on the material and insulation quality. Your neighbor’s Southeast is your Northeast. how they use their space will affect your space’s energy. If you have a neighbor on the other side, it will affect a different area. Do some research before you purchase.

Besides acquiring the home as an investment, what are your life goals? Does your new home support them?

The most important aspect to consider is the exterior of the home because that is where the CHI or energy comes from.

Kosha, thanks for sending your question, I hope these tips will help you see the house from a different perspective.

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