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Tips for a Students Best Desk Placement

Whether you are an adult or a student, most of us spend our day staring at a computer or sitting at a desk for a minimum of 2 hours.

As a new school year edges closer on the horizon, I thought it would be important to share this message. The trend for working and studying from home has exploded, and it is necessary to set up your desk to maximize productivity, output, and happiness - whether you are working, studying, paying bills or surfing the net.

Here are some tips to help you set the right environment

Picking the Right Spot

Where to place your desk is an important decision. From a Feng Shui point of view, you need to have your desk diagonally to the door. This allows you to see who and what is coming in as well as being able to engage with the energy coming in.

Having your back to the door can blind you from seeing opportunities coming in. Time and time again, this single move has helped numerous clients raise their productivity and income. Many designer magazines show desks pushed against the wall. Having the wall directly in front of you works as a blockage, and more so if your back is against the door.

Choosing Comfort

Choosing a good and ergonomic chair is important. How long you will be sitting by your desk will help you decide how comfortable the chair should be. Always choose a chair with a high back and arms for support. Stay away from stools as they will not offer you back or energy support.

Make it Personal

You can personalize your computer placement within your desk to face your most productive direction. We call it Shen Chi or success direction. Everyone has one. Sometimes this is not possible to do, however everyone has 4 best directions that can be used. Visit this link to find yours.

There are other ways to personalize your desk placement, particularly if you feel challenged, are sensitive to energies or need to tap into special energies. We have prepared a personal session to help you.

Other Practical Tips

  • Inspiration. Sometimes having a few items on your desk or office can offer you inspiration. It can be a picture, quote or personal item.

  • The right lighting. Nowadays having the right lighting is important especially if you are taking part in video conferencing.

  • Plants. Many sites suggest having a plant on your desk, however, you don’t need to have them unless you love them and most importantly, they can grow in the space.

  • Be organized. Have calendars, journals and a system to track your progress. Keeping the space clutter free and vibrant will help you focus.

  • Focus. Schedule your time and activities and stay away from things that distract you. A friend schedules her Push and Focus days. This is about choosing days to take action or being creative.

  • Give your body a break. Avoid eye strain by looking away from the screen every 20 minutes, 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This is what experts call the 20-20-20 rule.

  • Walking away from the desk every hour, changing posture or doing stretching exercises will help keep your body energized. Remember to stay hydrated and get the proper amount of sleep.

Feng Shui allows you to tap into optimum energies that are available within your environment. Doing this can help you develop a calm mindset, create better opportunities and be better prepared to make the best choices that will shape your future for the better.

As a reminder, for those living in Illinois, there is a state sales tax holiday coming up. August 5 - August 14 for most school supplies, qualifying clothing and footwear. The state is reducing the tax by 5% during this time.

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