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Setting Up Your Desk For Success

Although energy is all around us, not every place is set up to benefit from the energy.

Being aligned with energy can help you overcome challenges and achieve success. Being in the flow can help you develop a calmer and more stable mindset so you can make better choices.

One of the ways to achieve success is by setting up your desk in the right area and position. Experience has shown me that changing a desk can make a big difference with income, creativity, and success. However, not too many people take advantage of this.

Work from Home or Study

Most of us are used to studying and doing homework at home. However. the recent life events have created a shift in the workforce. With the increase of many people doing a hybrid work schedule, it is necessary to set up your desk properly. There are a couple of basic ways to do this using the energies that naturally reside in your home with Feng Shui.

Basic Set Up - Do It Yourself

There are some tenets to setting up your desk.

-Avoid having your back directly to the door.

-Avoid setting up your desk facing a wall.

-Sit in a comfortable chair that has proper backing and arm support.

-Be sure the space is clear, clean and vibrant.

-Do not sit directly in the path of the door as the energies can be too strong and counter productive.

A Deeper Look Into Energies

Identify the positive CHI in your home and avoid negative areas. Being in positive energy activates better thoughts, actions, and being able to see opportunities where others will not. Knowing what energies to tap into is different for everyone. It depends on your goals.

Whether it is enhancing relationships with coworkers, family, gaining more respect, being more productive or inspired, the right sector of energy can support your goals.

“I'm not a layman in the matters of energy work or other holistic practices, but I highly recommend Veronica for Feng Shui for your bedroom or business.

I am a real estate agent and once I arranged my office as to Veronica's specifications, I saw a 15% increase in my home sales, which is 6% higher than the national average. That is enough to make me believe this is a valuable service.

I recommend Veronica for all your Feng Shui needs. ”

We have designed a consultation to help you with this as a new fiscal year begins.

Click on this link for information

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