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Feng Shui and Missing Corners

To the Feng Shui Master, floor plans are an indispensable tool for interpreting a home’s energy. The more accurate the floor plan, the more accurate the reading and placement of cures and activations.

The Bagua or Energetic map of a space is applied to any floor plan, either as a tick tack toe grid or as a pie shape.

Square or moderate rectangular footprints are the best shapes for applying the Bagua or energetic map. These shapes assure that the energies are complete, accounted for and not skewed.

When the energies in the Bagua are not complete and accounted for on the floor plan, they are considered “missing”.

Having a “missing” energy can eventually affect your life, especially if this is your home or your own business. The quality of your life is intricately connected to the quality of your space.

In illustration A, the Wealth and Abundance area is missing. This is the area of accumulated assets. The residents of this home experienced loss after moving into this home. The wife’s job became increasingly difficult. This led to her losing her job.

Update: A year after the blog was published, I learned that the husband also lost his job. However, I was relieved to hear that he was able to get a new job soon after.

In illustration B, the area of the Men or Helpful People is missing as well as the Children and Creativity area. This is a home where creative pursuits are hard to fully engage into. The men of the house may not be as present; he may travel a lot or have a stressful job that may leave him drained.

There are different ways missing areas can affect you. The results depend on your surroundings, your personal energy, and how the space is being used.

Using Feng Shui can help minimize the effects of a missing area. In the first example, a light fixture was installed to “complete” the missing area since this was part of the drive way. The addition of planters and colorful flowers added life to the space.

In the second example, metallic elements were added to both areas. Wind chimes and garden accessories enhanced the garden and outdoor space. If the option is feasible, an addition to the rear center and right of the home would balance the space and it would be the best solution. In the meantime, the Bagua is applied in each separate "L" sector of the space.

When a home or building has a rectangular shape that is too elongated, it also provides some challenges. The space becomes tall and “narrow” and the energies become skewed. See illustration “C”. The "pie chart" method, shows more clearly the disproportion of energies by color. The Family and Creativity areas of the space are very small. This home is best for a single person who spends a lot of time at work.

Using the Five Element Theory is the best way to add what is missing. Adding pictures or real representations of the missing energy helps complete the space.

  • If the NORTH or Career area is missing, add the element of Water.

  • If the EAST or Family and Health are missing, add the element of Wood.

  • Same element applies to the SOUTH EAST.

  • If the SOUTH or Fame and Reputation area is missing, add the element of Fire.

  • For the SOUTH WEST, NORTH EAST add the element of Earth.

  • For the WEST and NORTHWEST, add the element of Metal.

For more on the Five Element Theory, visit my blog.

We are in some way or another, attracted to the spaces and items we chose to live with. Where we live and how we live are choices we make. They may be conscious or unconscious choices.

The way I like to personally view this “missing” area, is not so much as a negative, but about what lesson or opportunity is there for me/us at this time.

I hope this blog helps you realize how our environments impact our lives. The daily impact may be very subtle but the long term impact is very big.

The illustrations shown are real life cases of friends, and clients.

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