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The Mystery of the Buried City

Trees are living beings and have cycles of life just like we do. They contribute to the oxygen on the planet and so much more. We recently had a chance to hear a dramatic example of what happens without them.

Did you hear about a town that is buried in sand? It is known as Michigan's most famous ghost town.

On a recent visit to Saugatuck Michigan, we learned about a town that is buried in the sand. The name of this town is Singapore. At its height in 1836, it was a hub of activity. A progressive town with 3 mills, 2 hotels, general stores, 2 banks and Michigan's first school house.

Hard times hit Singapore in 1842 when a 40 day blizzard hit. The town was nearly wiped out but it continued to operate and grow. In 1871, it became a major lumber supplier to Chicago because of its access to Lake Michigan. After the Great Chicago Fire occurred the city needed to be rebuilt.

Singapore cut down the trees in the area in order to supply lumber to the city of Chicago. The deforestation of the area left the town vulnerable to the elements. The lack of protection made way to the winds and sands from Lake Michigan. Without the protection of the trees, the town became completely covered in sand in only 4 years. By 1875, the town disappeared from plain view.

This story is living proof of one of the protective qualities that trees have in our environment. It is a real life version of the movie "The Lorax".

Looking at the map of the town's location and from the Feng Shui perspective, it is easy to see why this happened to the town. The town was situated in the outside loop of the river.

Had it been situated across the river, on the peninsula or large tongue shaped land, this town would have thrived. Knowing this small detail would have changed the course of the town and the fate of its inhabitants.

Trees protect us from strong winds and the hottest part of the sun. Trees are home to animals and guardians of nature. Without trees, the oxygen supply is depleted.

Statistics show that landscaping increases the home value by 10%. In addition, landscaping adds good curb appeal. It attracts buyers when selling a home.

Trees increase the quality of energy in our environment. They grow on high mountains where there is low oxygen. They grow in sandy soils.

One of the most important principles in Feng Shui is having a "mountain behind you”, as illustrated in Chinese paintings.

Trees can provide the "mountain behind you" for your home or building when you don’t have the real mountains or other large structures. Having this energetic support is very important. Without support, the lack of good options can be detrimental when tough times hit.

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