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Why practice good Feng Shui?

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being at the wrong place at the wrong time….. over and over again?

A client and first time mom related her very challenging pregnancy to me recently.

During her second trimester, her left leg started to turn purple. At first, her husband did not see this as a problem. She was in a lot of pain and after speaking to the doctor, she was told to go to the emergency room. She waited for 4 hours before being treated because her chart was overlooked. Her small frame hid the pregnancy well.

She was finaly admitted to the hospital and during the stay, the nurse overdosed her on blood thinner.

When she was ready to give birth, she was ignored about having contractions. She had to battle to NOT have a C-section. She knew overdosing on blood thinner could cause non stop bleeding.

It had been over 26 hours of labor and the nurses insisted she had to have an epidural even though she did not want or need one. She felt the baby coming and her child was born 10 minutes later.

How does this happen? Is there an explanation for this?

How could circumstances like this be avoided in the future?

I can help explain this problem using Feng Shui. The Classical or Eastern Method of Feng Shui is called Flying Star. This method is specific about yearly changes in energies and how they affect us.


There is confusion in the United States about what Feng Shui really is.

It is not a religion

It is not expensive Interior Design

It does not make you rich overnight

Classical Feng Shui is ....

Tapping into the natural energies of your environment.

Working with your environment can help improve your life and achieve your goals. Energy is always at work and changing. The yearly energies are interpreted based of the movement of the stars. There is a science behind this theory and hundreds of years of experience.

Millions of people all over the world follow this method. They avoid situations like in the example above that endanger them or put them in an unfavorable situation.

Interpreting the yearly energies and practicing good Feng Shui are helpful to living a better life and avoiding living in crisis mode.

Tapping into the good energies and subduing or avoiding the negative ones is a way of hacking life for the better.

Good Feng Shui allows us to enjoy life in the present moment and enjoy the little things that brings us joy.


I did not know my client when she was experiencing her pregnancy ordeal. But I was able to explain to her why these circumstances where present in her life at the time.

By looking at the chart of the year of her pregnancy and superimposing it on her floor plan, I was able to help her understand the “WHY” of her ordeal. This relieved her tremendously.

- Her home has a flat and open prairie at the back of the house. This means “no protection” for the residents. There are no trees or structures to protect her home from the elements.

- During the year of her pregnancy, the worst energy came to visit the rear of her house. (Things where happening behind the scene, she was at the mercy of these negative energies, she had no control)

- Her bedroom had the energy of illness. This applies to the health complications on her leg.

- Her kitchen had the energy of deceit, arguments & possible legal problems.

( The ER nurses did not see her pregnancy, her leg problem was ignored, she had to fight her way throughout her pregnancy even in the delivery room).

These types of energies where affecting her pregnancy so negatively. She was at their mercy. When we are pregnant, we are at our weakest. Our bodies are nourishing another life, our energies are focused for that purpose.

Negative energy goes where there is weakness.

Pregnant woman, babies and newborns, the elderly as well as people that are sick are at the mercy of negative energies. Using Classical Feng Shui helps protect us from these stressful and dangerous circumstances.

What saved my client’s life and the life of her baby?

The energy in her front door.

The beneficial energy of Mentors and Helpful People. Her faith and strength carried her through despite the series of negative events that where happening around her.

Thanks to her instincts, she had a beautiful and healthy baby. She and her husband are happy having their one child. They decided one horrible experience was enough!

For energy updates and if you’d like to learn more about living in the flow of good energy, follow my monthly newsletter.

To follow good energy for 2017, look for it in January after the festivities and before the start of the Chinese New Year.

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