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The Power of Color

Color influences us in many ways. It can change our mood, alter our senses and the way we perceive a space.

In Feng Shui, color is an energy activator.

One of the guidelines in the world of colors is the PANTONE colour Matching System, PMS. This system is used in many industries worldwide. PMS aids in the accuracy of color. This is useful when design and manufacturing are done in different locations or continents. Artists, designers, printers, use it to manufacture fabrics, plastics, furniture, paper goods, to specific paint finishes.

Every year, the Pantone Colour Matching System chooses a color for the year. The chosen color becomes a theme everywhere you look. You will see it in magazines, advertising, clothing, furniture… What PMS chooses has a big impact in the interior design, fashion, branding, advertising as well as the home industries.

This year’s choice is 15-0343. “Greenery”, a bold and bright hue of green. This color urges us to consider nature as a resource for transformation. In a busy, hectic and stressful modern life, nature can be a catalyst. A source of inspiration and healing.

Last year’s choice was a pair of soft comfortable Yin colors:

Rose Quartz ( soft pink) and Serenity ( soft blue).

This year, they are replaced by a very healthy, strong, vibrant Yang color green.

As a trend, this color is a call to reinvent ourselves and expand.

This is the green of the budding leaves in the spring. Green symbolizes the element of Wood.

New patterns of thinking and being creative are important. This is a necessary skill this year. As a country, we are in for a change with a new president. This change may affect many aspects of our lives; our resources, jobs, employment, relationships…

From the Feng Shui perspective, color is one of the energy activators. Shapes and elements are also used to activate or neutralize the energy in the spaces we often use.

Green is a great color to use in the East and SouthEast.

If you are looking to change the energy of your space, sprinkle it around in these areas of your home.

House plants and green accessories are ways of using this energy.

Vision boards are also an excellent choice of placement for the East or Southeast areas for 2017.

For more information on the basics of color, visit:

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