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Beyond Making Your House Look Pretty

Now, more than ever, people need practical tools to help them stay balanced and on the positive side of life. Western culture has been mostly driven on information that Feng Shui is about the home being aesthetically pleasing, even and beautiful.

There is so much more depth to Feng Shui.

The founding principles of Feng Shui are thousands of years old. The Chinese Metaphysical Arts continues to be used and practiced today because of its effectiveness.

Asians follow these principles as a way of life, not just for decor. Asians make up about 63% of the world population. Did you know that most of the world’s wealth is in that area? A Forbes article from March 2017 shows the highest concentration of billionaires in the area.

I recently heard an interview with a very well known Feng Shui author and teacher.

When asked about how Feng Shui can help heal our bodies, her response was,

"Be your own detective and go around the house. See “what is making me sick in this home”.

When asked about practical advice to get started, she advised: Use the mantra: 'Live with what I love.' Invite changes in every room in your house. Sink your divine spear into the ground of your being and say, ' I will claim this space as a space that I love and loves me.'"

The advice may sound beautiful and inspirational. It may work for some, but it is not practical. Doing this alone will not be effective. Classical Feng Shui is about studying the Earth’s energies. It is a way that has been observed and practiced for centuries.

Our environment has a direct influence in our life and way of being.

The CHI or energy comes from the outside. It is not found inside the space on objects and things, no matter how beautiful or expensive they may be. There is always “the divorce” house, “the sick” house, “the transition” house. Or there is the house where mishaps are present all the time. Diagnosing and curing those homes requires more than reciting a mantra.

Classical Feng Shui allows us to see the natal chart of the home. Yes, every house has one. The natal chart shows the energy patterns that are inherent to that location and time. There are over two hundred charts available for analysis.

Time is another important aspect for analysis in Classical Feng Shui.

Energies are never static, they are always in a state of vibration. Planetary movements are also taken into consideration. Time is divided into periods. Every year brings about a different energy. This change in energy affect us.

Knowing where the good energies are allows us to be on the positive side of the yearly changes. Aligning ourselves with our best directions increases positive results. Taking action at the right time also increases positive results. Following Classical Feng Shui can help us maintain optimum physical and mental health, be open to opportunities and become more productive.

Improving 10 to 30% every year is possible with Classical Feng Shui.

Life improvement leads to happiness, balance and harmony.

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