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6 Activites that Disrupt the Balance in your Home

Classical Feng Shui has a timing aspect. The timing coincides with cycles of time, the seasons and the year’s energy cycle.

Good or bad, this can have an enormous and immediate effect.

The first thing to do in order to maintain balance is to avoid negative effects. There are activities that disturb the bad Feng Shui of your home and can rob the good effects.

In no particular order, some avoidance activities are;

  1. Renovating a house

  2. Moving into a home

  3. Moving furniture

  4. Installing artwork

  5. Neighbor’s activities

  6. Any negative outdoor features

These activities can trigger negative energies that can bring unpleasant results. It is like waking up an angry giant…

I explain each one in the following video.

Have a great week!

Veronica Montinola

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