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6 Tips for Hosting New Year's Eve at Home

Celebrating the New Year at home is a great option for anyone who wants to avoid pressure, stress, large groups of people and driving.

Having a party at home is convenient, cozy and efficient.

6 Tips for Hosting a Party at Home

#1. Ignite the Spark

Design a Theme. Have a theme for the party that suits your family & friends. Make it fun. Having a theme can make it exciting for the guests to plan their attire ahead of time. The theme is the spark that gets the creative juices going.

#2. When to Get Your Home Ready

Designate different areas for gathering, playing and entertaining. Great food, drinks, music and a comfortable place to mingle always makes a party a success. Create a good traffic flow.

You can start getting your home ready on Monday December 26, a very good Remove day. You can clean and reorganize your home for the party.

#3. Set Parameters, Create Awareness

Let your guests know when the party starts and ends, what you are providing ahead of time, as well as what you expect from them so they can plan accordingly. This creates awareness.

#4. Get Festive and Have Them Participate

Part of the celebration is in the making of memories. Have some accessories, share stories and pictures. Set sparkles and sparkling beverages to add a festive celebratory atmosphere. Make your guests comfortable, so they participate.

#5. Make Your Wish on a Destruction Day

December 31 happens to be a Year Breaker and a Destruction Day. This is a perfect way to bid farewell to the year. A Destruction Day gives us an opportunity to destroy old habits, and get a fresh start.

#6. When the clock strikes 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Use the Southwest or Southeast Sector to Make Your Wish. These sectors or areas of your space or home have excellent energy between 11pm to midnight. This is where you can choose to make your wish to plan a prosperous future. Better yet, know what you want ahead of time.

Remember to record your wish and visit it often. Making it real means following up with action, otherwise your wish remains a thought waiting to be fulfilled.

The wish is the Yin part, the action is the Yang part. Together they become something…

What will you create for 2023?

I want to extend gratitude to all our readers, followers, students, clients and friends. Your support helps us grow. Wishing you and your loved ones many blessings in the coming year.

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