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A Feng Shui Clearing of your Home

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Feng Shui is about balancing the energies of your home, work place or outdoor spaces. Space Clearing is often used by Feng Shui consultants to clean the energy of the space and bring harmony and balance. Unseen energies accumulate in our space just as dirt and dust do on the physical level.

It is best to do a clearing at least twice a year or after an intensive negative event, such as an argument or an illness. I like to do it every couple of months or the start of a season. A place of business might require a weekly cleansing depending on the nature of the clientele.

Most people experience a subtle energetic shift after a space clearing. They feel calmer, at ease and more comfortable in their space. They may no longer feel they are “stuck” in the moment and are able to move on.

The process of clearing takes between 10 to 30 minutes depending on the size of your space. It is best to do it when you don’t feel rushed or know you will not be interrupted, especially the first time you try it. You’ll need a clean house or office, incense or essential oil air spray and a candle.

Set up an altar in the center of your space, light your candle, and connect to your space thru prayer or intention. Start at the front door and work clockwise through the layout of your home or office.


Start by clapping from bottom to top at the corners of each room. Pay attention to the sounds your hands make as you do this, and repeat the process in a corner where the clapping does not sound clear. You can use a bell or other tools such as a tingsha for this process, if you have them. This step breaks up the accumulated energies.


Repeat the walking process with your incense or essential oil air spray. If you have incense, use a fan or a feather to help move the incense at the corners of the room. This step cleans the air molecules in the space.


Return to the center of your space and spray yourself to clear your aura or purify with incense. You may leave the candle burning for about an hour.


Wash and cleanse your forearms, bathe or shower after you are done.


Enjoy a balanced environment and feel its lightness.

There are other very important reasons for doing a Space Clearing. It is a must to do a clearing after a divorce, foreclosure, when you first move into a new place and when death or accident occurs in a home or place of business. However, I feel that an experienced Space Clearer or Feng Shui consultant is best suited for these situations.

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