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This question came from Miriam,

We’ve just discovered a family member is a hoarder. And while finding help for them, we leaned that hoarding is considered a type of obsessive compulsive disorder.
I am wondering if there was anything in their natal chart that may indicate that this behavior was a possibility. In fact, can our charts show mental instability at all?
Thanks for your insights.

There are many reasons why hoarding can happen.

There is a house I pass by that I noticed things were all over the yard. When I looked at the windows of the house, there were things stacked all over and in general, the house was unkept. A neighbor shared that the house belonged to 1 person, a widower who had 5 cars in the driveway, some in need of repair. This was his way of coping with grief and loss of his wife.

Since you shared the family member’s chart, it was easier for me to see the behavior.

Miriam, there are a few things into play in your family’s member’s chart,

  • This is a difficult chart.

  • There are 2 exact same pillars in the family’s chart that repeat themselves and amplify.

  • The animal repeated is the Rooster. When a Rooster meets itself, it creates what is technically called self - punishment. This means doing things that are self defeating and destructive in nature.

  • The pillars that are repeated are the day and the month. Meaning that the interaction between the self and family is not harmonious. In fact, it is negative because of its destructive in nature.

  • The codes below the Rooster reveal a very high level of insight. In this case because it was negatively triggered at a young age this family member has become suspicious and psychologically damaged.

  • The worse part about having self punishment in the chart is that this person is not fully aware of the effects of their actions. It is difficult to self-correct when negativity has set in.

  • The Rooster contains the element of metal. Metal element rules the brain and the mouth. When this element has been triggered negatively, mental instability can result.

There will be certain months when it will be easier to communicate. However, it can potentially become very heated.

I am grateful you shared your experiencing with me so we can all learn from this challenging situation. Thank you.

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