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Can a Clock Affect the Feng Shui of My Home?

Today’s blog comes as a response to Ben’s question.

“Dear Veronica
How do analog clocks affect Feng Shui? Do I need to move my clock yearly?”

There are multiple kinds of clocks in the market now. Most of us have transitioned to a digital clock or use our cell phones. Ben is referring to the “old school” clock with 2 arms that shows the 12 hours.


The clock itself will not disturb the energy of your home. It is what we do with it. We can drop it, bang on it, toss it, yell at it…we can stomp towards it…

If the clock is in a negative sector, and we are not gentle with our actions, it will affect the energy of our space. We will feel it in our thoughts, mood and actions.

You do not need to move your clock every year if you are gentle with your actions.

The Most Powerful Clock is the Grandfather clock because of the pendulum arms that are constantly

swinging. One of my teachers used to use it to tame the most negative energy.

However, I personally leave a negative space quiet. Instead, I like to use a pendulum clock to amplify positive energy.

In 2023, it is the North area of your space.

Nowadays, there are modern pendulum clocks that hang on a wall and don’t require daily or weekly winding. The most beneficial time to place something important like a pendulum clock is the day you move into a new place. Because of its size, it can be a great tool to raise the vibration of your home.

Ben, thanks for sending us your question. I hope you can continue to use your alarm with ease.

See our #WisdomWednesday publication to refer to the best energies of 2023.

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