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Christmas Tree Placement

A Question from Meg.

“We are planning on putting up our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.
Is there a best direction this year AND does your tree being artificial or real affect that direction? Thank you”

Thanks for your question, Meg.

The holidays are an important event. It is a time when we build lasting memories. Using good areas of the home will allow us to continue to build and improve our experience every year.

The Placement of a Christmas tree is important because it is an area of high activity. The tree is where we gather, open our gifts and place items of importance. It is estimated that the average American plans on spending about $1000 for Christmas. We want this experience to be positive. Don’t you agree?

Real or Artificial?

Choosing the kind of tree, whether it is natural, artificial, silver, white, pink or any other color is a matter of


In terms of energy, it does not matter whether the tree is real or artificial because we would put the same effort in decorating it and gathering by it. Both kinds of trees would command the same level of attention and activity.

Sector or Direction?

Dividing your floor plan into a 3 x 3 grid produces 9 sectors. Each one has a direction according to how your home or unit is built.

For the sake of clarity, we will call the different areas “sectors”.

South, Northeast and West are the best sectors for tree placement. Avoid the Southeast and Northwest sectors. Doing so could trigger arguments and health issues that would throw a wrench into any festivity.

A few years ago, a tree was placed in a negative sector. This resulted in the entire family being sick for the holidays. With health being an important topic now, placing the tree in a positive location can avoid unnecessary health crisis events.

Placing a Christmas tree in a negative sector unleashed a series of unexpected events for a small family. They shared that it felt like being under a dark cloud. They experienced constant struggle.

Sharing the Holiday Spirit

When we experience negative events, we cannot share the spirit of the holidays with our family, friends & community. So this holiday, consider placing your tree in a positive sector so you can enjoy the essence and spirit of what the holidays are supposed to be. When little moments and experiences become big things.

Are you still unsure of where to place your Christmas tree or other holiday items? Why not take advantage of my Celebrations Package. Two appointments. The first is a Feng Shui consult to optimize the holiday energy in your home. The second is a Feng Shui clearing after the holidays to ensure your home energy is clear and negative aspects have not been triggered.

Do you have a question about Feng Shui or Chinese astrology? Send them to or comment on our facebook or instagram page.

Answers are published every Thursday.

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