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Digging can Destroy Your Feng Shui

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Digging is an activity that can throw your Feng Shui out of balance. Digging in the wrong area disturbs the Earth's energies which can result in negative consequences.

Every space has a yin and yang. Optimum energy is positive and Yang. This is what we need to tap into on a daily basis in order to raise our vibration, our health and our actions.

When the energy of our space/home is negative, it affects every area of our life. Because it is the “container” that we live in.

Can a fish thrive in dirty or stagnant water? If the energy is compromised or low, we can experience low mental or physical energy, an increase in negative emotions, disharmony in our relationships, loss of revenue and health.

Every year and every month there are certain areas that should be avoided in order to keep the balance.

No Dig areas or Afflicted Sectors - The Yin

Feng Shui is about balance. The negative areas need to be subdued in order to enhance the positive energies. Otherwise, the positive areas can be weakened and exhausted.

5 Yellow

3 Killings

Grand Duke

Year Breaker

Avoid digging, renovations and drilling in these sectors. It is best to keep the sectors quiet. Disturbing these energies is like “disrespecting” them. No point in waking up a sleeping tiger…

The Yang or Positive Areas

Positive areas are called the 4 Nobles. They occupy a small sector of the compass. This is why having an accurate floor plan is important. Every home/space has access to them.

The 4 Nobles enhance your ability to

Think Creatively

Solve problems

Be Happy and Celebrate

Be of help to others

Surround yourself with good people

Find mentors

Energy is holistic

When looking at energies, we need to see it from a holistic perspective. Just like a sports team, we need aggressive players and supportive players.

When things are challenging

When projects and renovations go wrong, it may be the result of having tapped into the wrong areas.

There is a way out

One of them is avoidance. Delay the project for another day, month, or year.

Using Energy to balance Energy. Choosing a sector that can work with other sectors.

Raising positive energies and tipping the scales to your favor. Choosing to take the right actions that will benefit you and your family in the long run.

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