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Feeling Stuck

Christina asks;

Dear Veronica,

I need my life to shift. I feel stuck in the same patterns, it is getting me down.
Is there anything I can do?

Christina, this is a perfect time to ask the question as there are many changes going on at this time.

Feeling stuck can come from different sources.

  • Internal, when you think there is no hope.

  • External, when you dislike your situation and you don’t know what to do

  • Environmental, when you don’t like where you live or work.

  • Personal, when you are unhappy with your relationships.

  • Connection, when your experiences are not fulfilling.

Knowing which one you identify with can help to focus your energy on finding ways to solve it.

One of the basic ways you can get started is by rearranging your personal environment, specifically your bedroom. Because the energy of your bedroom affects your thoughts and the way you perceive the world.

  • Look to declutter, clean or let go of items that you may no longer use or need.

  • Moving your bed or rearranging your room is another simple way of creating a shift.

  • If you are ambitious, repaint the walls with a vibrant color.

  • Redo the artwork in your room and only surround yourself with images that support you and make you happy.

  • If you cannot spend too much time or effort, moving the furniture alone will change the energy of the room.

  • Follow this basic rule for either bed or desk placement: be sure you are not positioned directly in front of the door but diagonally from it, so you can see who is coming in.

I hope you try this method. You may be pleasantly surprised at how moving things can stir some energies and bring a shift in your life.

A deeper and more essential way to solve this issue is by looking at your natal chart because this is your personal blueprint.

  • Your natal chart can indicate how you are made and what your views are. Do you have a tendency to be pessimistic and hard on yourself?

  • The natal chart can also indicate where the issue is coming from, is it a localized problem or a result of an unfortunate event?

  • A natal chart is a blueprint of yourself, therefore it not only brings awareness and information but it provides solutions.

This would require a personalized consultation or learning Chinese Astrology. I hope these tips will help you get started! Best wishes.

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