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Feng Shui, Migraines, and Headaches

Headaches & Migraines can be quite disruptive. They come with varying degrees and intensity.

The Chinese Metaphysical point of view is holistic. Here are some Feng Shui tips consider.

Your Environment

From the Feng Shui perspective, you look to see what is going on in the Northwest first because this is the area of the head. If this area is missing, has negative energy, or there is unfavorable activity, it is likely to cause headaches to the resident(s) of your home.

An Imbalance of Energy can Cause Headaches

Depending on where the imbalance is, it can cause a physical issue within your home. When the headaches are not temporary, look at the different directions and areas of your home.

The Energetic Map

Every one of the 8 areas of the energetic map corresponds to a member of the family.

North, Northeast & East affects the Son.

Southeast, South and West affects the daughter.

Southwest affects the mother of the house.

Northwest affects the father of the house.

From the Chinese Astrology Perspective

Look for the element of Yang Metal in your chart. When you do and it is out of balance, headaches can affect you.

Your Life Star Number

Look for your Star Number ( Gua ) on your Natal chart. Those with the #6 have a tendency for headaches.

Headaches, pain or other symptoms are the body’s way to communicate. Do your part to investigate rather than to mask the pain when you can. Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology should never replace good medical care. Seek medical attention when your headache or migraine is more magnified than normal.

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