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Graduation Parties

This week our question comes from Nadia.

Are there better days to hold graduation parties through the summer?

My child is hoping for good attendance from family and friends.

Graduations are a significant reason for celebrations and get-togethers. It is a wonderful way to celebrate your child’s accomplishments and usher them into the next phase of life, no matter where your child is in their progression.

I don’t know when you are trying to schedule your celebration or what the climate will be in your area. However, June and July are great months this year.

3 Tips for Better Attendance

  • Letting your guests know a few weeks in advance, so they can RSVP

  • Select a time that is suitable for everyone, and allow time for other guests to come after other parties, if possible. An open house is a good option.

  • Having a good menu and entertainment can also help attract guests.

When To Send Invitations

Be sure to follow our weekly Energy Potential, published every Sunday, to send your invitations. It does not matter how they are delivered, just be sure to choose a good day to do it. I suggest not sending your invitations on an avoid day.

Best Dates in June

In general, there are 2 great days in June. They are Sunday, June 6th and Saturday, June 26th. These dates will work for most everyone. For July, your best bets are the 24th, 25th, and 31st.

There are personalized ways to select a good day for an event, but this would require more planning and a Your Best Day private consultation. However, using one of the dates above will do fine.

Enjoy this important time in your child’s life by creating beautiful memories that will become an unforgettable event.


Note from Veronica:

In June, I will take a few weeks off from my practice to enjoy the company of my father, as well as family celebrations. Please continue to send in questions to me. I enjoy them and will address them after my time with my loved ones. Thank you.

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