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Hosting New Year’s Eve

Question from Bettina.

“We’ve decided to host a New Year’s Eve party. I am wondering if there is a better side of the home to bang pans or set off fireworks. Thank You”

This sounds like a fun party Bettina! And your question is very appropriate. Before I studied Feng Shui, I did not realize there were “negative” spaces that fluctuate throughout the year. I thought that every space was “equal”. Your question will help address this point.

Every home has its low energy and it becomes different with usage and people in it. However, there is also an ebb and flow of energy that shifts yearly and monthly. New Year’s Eve is still under the solar month of the Rat, which extends in early January.

Banging pans, making noise and moving furniture triggers energy - whether good or bad. Triggering energies bring consequences.

To guide you, I will start with the negative zones or avoid areas

AVOID AREAS: Southeast and Northwest.

GOOD AREAS: West, Center, South, Northeast

This method of assessing the areas is based on the movement of the stars and has worked quite well because it is used for short term action. It is part of Traditional Feng Shui where the shifts of the Universe as well as the compass directions are taken into consideration.

The remaining 3 areas have their pros and cons.

How to Know Your Areas

It starts with a floor plan. Without an accurate floor plan it is merely guesswork.

Here are some tips.

Square off Your Floor plan

NEXT: Divide into 9

Stand in the center of your home, "X" area.

Use your smart phone, get the directions.

Assign them to your floor plan and you are done!

There are other ways to assess and individualize a space but this is the simplest way that everyone can use.

Using the popular model you can find in the internet - entrance is always the career area and wealth is always at the rear left corner - will not bring you specific results nor will it take the directions into consideration.

Now that you know what to do, you can party without worrying who will get hurt or what can go wrong.

Hopefully the neighbors won’t mind the noise and will be partying too!

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year celebration!

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