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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Years ago, I read that mirrors are the “aspirin” in Feng Shui. Mirrors are a great decor item that make a room looks spacious, bright and helps reflect beautiful views.

This blog is the first in my Ask Veronica series. It has been written in response to a specific question that came in from a recent post.

“I recently saw a TikTok video stating that mirrors in the entryway into your home send positive energy out of your home. Specifically they said, how will the good energy enter your home?

As I live in a home on a cul-de-sac, I know that my entryway mirror deflects the negative energy of the cul-de-sac.

Could you please help me to understand why someone would state this about mirrors, as isn't Feng Shui about placement, and not generalities?

Thank you”

Thank you, Tracy for posting this question. It is very personal to your home and surroundings. To answer your question, in Feng Shui mirrors can be used to reflect and direct energy. Mirrors are also used as an element to either strengthen, weaken or control another element.

A mirror in itself does not emit energy, it can only reflect and intensify what is already

there. Real energy comes from the environment. What surrounds your home is more important than what is inside. A negative feature outside will have an effect in the same area it is located in relationship to your home. For example, if you see an electrical tower from a bedroom window, it will directly impact the person that uses the bedroom.

Consultants that are trained in Classical Feng Shui will asses the elements based on the compass direction the dwelling faces as well as the timing or year the person has moved in.

This is the beginning of good Feng Shui.

The best Feng Shui is personal, it is not general.

I hope I answered your question and look forward to more. If you would like me to answer a question about Feng Shui or Chinese Astrology, please leave a comment, or email me directly @

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