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Pets, Our Energy Detectives

We all have an understanding that animals have a heightened sense. They perceive things that most of us don’t. In the past few years science has posted studies confirming that animals can perceive things that we can not. My family can attest to these energy perceptions with our dog, Elsa.

Odd things had started happening in our home.

1) Our dog, Elsa, was waking up numerous times in the middle of the night with diarrhea. This happened 3 nights in a row.

2) My husband was complaining about stomach pains. He was turning down chocolate, a rare sign for him

3) I was accident prone, I kept getting cuts and bruises very easily. They often happened in the blink of an eye and in unusual situations.

There were a few possible logical sources to find answers to our situation.

1) For our dog Elsa, it was not her diet or her bed.

2) For my husband it could be the medicine he was taking.

3) For me, it could have been winter dry skin or carelessness.

Having studied energies, I knew there was more. The culprit was the placement of our portable humidifier. Hard to believe, but when a humidifier is working it triggers energy.


Fans, big clocks and any moving objects stir the energy in any space, activating it. It is very important not to place them in afflicted areas. (*) This is crucial for anyone with weak physical and/or mental state, individuals with a low immune system, the elderly, pregnant moms and children.


Our spaces have an innate energy imprint according to the period of the home and the facing direction. I selected a new spot that was in harmony with our home’s natal chart as well as the energies for the incoming year.


Once the portable humidifier was moved, our sweet Elsa did not get up, even once. My husband said his stomach pains were almost gone. I was no longer “accident prone,” but it took a few more days for the bruise in my eye to go away!

Triggering negative energies can bring havoc in our everyday life. Besides the above, our car needed a big repair and our youngest child got sick with the flu on his birthday. It was a tiring and expensive week.

Stopping this “negative flow” brought us back to balance. Unchecked, this energy could continue to produce more unpleasant events. Such as getting sicker, creating disharmony and experiencing set backs. Most importantly, the feeling of being out of control with life or a constant state of “fight-or-flight”.

For some, this is a normal way of being. It is unfortunate.

I am grateful for our Elsa and appreciative of the benevolent beings that protect us. We have so much to learn from our pets.

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