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Regarding Hurricanes

Dear Veronica,

After seeing the devastating footage from Hurricane Ian, I’m wondering if Feng Shui is positive or negative regarding large bodies of water"

Thank you,


2022 is the year of the Yang Water Tiger. Yang water symbolizes a powerful ocean that can sometimes be aggressive in nature.

The year of the Yang Water Tiger started with a bang. We experienced a water volcano in January on the island of Tonga. We’ve had our share of dangerous and deadly water related issues all over the world which included Hurricane Ian.

The classical Feng Shui perspective regarding large bodies of water is that it should be balanced because of water’s aggressive side. In Feng Shui. having a home by a large body of water needs to meet certain criteria.

#1. Your view of water from your place of residence should not be completely open and unobstructed.

Your view, whether it is the balcony, patio, front of your home, should include an island or a land embrace.

#2. Another criteria is the water location in respect to your place of residence or work. Water is positive and favorable only in certain directions.

The Ring of Fire

Is an area where volcano activity is high. These are areas of mostly unprotected water views and includes the Tonga Island mentioned above.

Ocean front properties

The east and southeast coast of the US as well as the Caribbean islands are not part of the Ring of Fire, however, because of their unprotected views they are not considered good Feng Shui. Having one bad storm can change your life in an instant. It is best to avoid the wrath of mother nature. Avoid ocean front properties that do not meet criteria.

The Wisdom of Classical Feng Shui helps us live a long and balanced life and one of the premises is protection from forces that are out of our control. I hope these answers instill some awareness.

Thank you so much for your inquiry.

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