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Wedding Feng Shui

This question came from Lisa:

Dear Veronica,
I am getting married and I am wondering, do people Feng Shui their weddings?

Lisa, this is a great and unusual question.

My practice is rooted in the study of energy called Qi, or Chi, based in traditional Eastern methods. Traditional Feng Shui is about time, space and the environment. It is not about the color of the wedding gown, floral arrangement, shape of the cake or shape of the table.

The Most Important Component: The Wedding Date

It is about the right date and the right time. This is one of the most important days of someone’s life. Selecting a good date is not for the sake of symbolism. One website suggested selecting a date that ends in 8 or 9 stating that “Using 8, 9, 18, 19, 28, 29 are lucky”. Because the number 8 is the symbol of infinity and the number 9 is a number of completion.

The right date is selected based on the Natal Chart of the bride and the groom. Selecting an auspicious date that is aligned to both the bride and groom will make the experience pleasant and memorable. The Natal Chart refers to the birthdate of the bride and groom. Looking at their charts would also denote long term compatibility.

A good date does not guarantee a problem free or long lasting marriage if the couple is not compatible but marital problems will be minimized using a good date.

The One That Matters

The date that matters is when the civil ceremony is performed and the documents are signed in the eyes of the law. This binds the couple as husband and wife.

The wedding banquet, party or reception is secondary, as it is a date when family and friends come together to celebrate and support your new life together.

The important thing is to avoid using any breaker days or clash days that will affect the couple’s long term.

What if Religion is Important?

This should also be a good date that is selected based on the couple’s natal chart. Selecting 2 personalized dates, one for the civil union and a second one for religious wedding will be necessary.


A date is best selected several months in advance due to the availability of family, venues, location, entertainment and other aspects to afford long term benefits.

I hope this gave you an idea of what is important in the eyes of Traditional Feng Shui, Lisa! Best of luck to you and your groom as you begin your life together.

Thank you for bringing up this very important topic. If you or someone you know wish to choose a date with your Natal Chart, schedule an appointment with me here.

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