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Thanksgiving and Gatherings

This blog comes as a response to a question,

Does hosting Thanksgiving and having people ever trip and /or affect the energies of my home?

This is a great question for this time of the year and the answer is YES depending on the level of activity.

It is important to pay attention to the areas that are not positive and decrease activity on those sectors to avoid triggering negative effects.

Energy is Always Vibrating and Shifting

This is how classical Feng Shui works. A trained consultant considers the natal energies of the home as well as the cyclical energies. As nothing is permanent or stays the same, energy is always vibrating and shifting. This means the quality and effect of the energy of the sectors of the home changes with time.

Best Areas to Host Thanksgiving

For this Thanksgiving, the best areas for not activating negative energies are the South, West & Northeast. Plan to spend the most time in those sectors because you and your guests will activate good energies as you mingle and spend time together. For future celebrations, Thanksgiving or other important events, it is best to choose the best energy for that month. Not sure how to find those? Register for my newsletter or take advantage of my Celebrations Package and get the personal touch!

What Areas to Avoid Triggering

If you use the safest and avoid the worst, you are in good shape. In general, avoid action and gatherings in the Southeast and the center of the home. Place your appetizers, and designate play areas in the safest areas so you and your guest have a great time and continue to throughout the celebration without any major aggravations.

What Happens After the Guests Leave?

If you are hosting, the energies that are triggered stay with you and in your environment. This is why we prefer to trigger the good energies. You can do a Feng Shui Clearing of your space if you are concerned something has been activated.

Does the Placement of Your Christmas Tree Matter?

This is a very important subject. We have received this question and will cover it in next week’s blog along with an example.

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